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Review Left On 03/02/2020
Carlos Roblero

I am very pleased with the way Mariela and Gianina handled my case. They explained me in detail how the process was going to be and guided me step by step all the way. They were always available when I had a question and were always on top of things. As a result I was granted the status I was seeking, excellent job, thank you!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Janessa Hitsman

As a Canadian film industry professional, I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to work on an incredible movie shooting in the United States. The timeline was very tight, with no room for delay. I cannot express how wonderful, professional, and responsive Linda Lee and her team were. From the very first moment I talked to Linda, I knew she understood the urgency, and knew exactly what it would take to get me where I needed to be. I am so extremely thankful to Linda and ILOLA for helping me obtain the needed visa and giving me a chance to work on something truly incredible. If you want results, and someone who will work tirelessly to make sure you are successful in your endeavours, this is the firm to trust your case with.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Emily Johnston

I highly recommend ILOLA and the services of Linda Lee. Linda and her team, especially Athina Doria, went above and beyond to ensure my case was handled with the upmost importance. All communications, be it via email or phone, where professional, knowledgeable, timely, and supportive as well as friendly and compassionate. I am forever grateful for all Linda and her amazing team have done for me and my future.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Robert Milius

I highly recommend their services and I'm very pleased with the outcome of our case. They were very helpful and informative from the initial consultation all the way through the end. They are also detail oriented and helped catch all the little things that could cause hiccups in the legal process.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
juan carlos galdamez

My family and I will be forever grateful to ILOLA for all they have done for us !

I highly recommend this law office, they know what they are doing, they were honest and clear from the beginning and in just one year they managed to get me a green card .

Mariela , Gianina and Renata thank you for all your help .
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Ramon Gaviola

I came to Scott for assistance in my I-130 & I-485 application due to complications with my previous application which had been moved to Los Angeles due to relocation. Scott and his team was very helpful and set me up with a meeting to go over the application forms and the process of the interview with USCIS officer. Scott was very thorough made sure my forms were filled out and filed accurately. Although Scott was not able to join me in the interview he did have another attorney at my side in the interview and everything went very smoothly. I would highly recommned Scott Mcvarish for immigration attorney.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Chase C

the team was professional, highly skilled and very knowledgeable on the subject matter. my case was well put together that resulted in an approval. highly recommend...
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Alfredo Mac

I want to give thanks to all the people from the group of Scott McVarish immigration law office. For making it possible for me and my wife to have a legal statues here in the United States. They are the best and they did a great job. I would recommend it to anyone that needs help with immigration statues. With out them I think I would not have my legal statues here in this country.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Piero Sandoval

I cannot say enough good things about this law office. Scott is the most caring and efficient immigration lawyer I've seen. If other lawyers don't give you hope, go to Scott. Most lawyers just take cases they can make easy money on but not him. Scott even ran for congress on a platform centered in protecting and advocating for immigrants. That alone speaks highly of a lawyer that truly cares and believes in us.

His staff is extremely knowledgeable and highly responsive which goes a long way. His assistant Gianina is second to none with a great personal touch and Mariela is another fantastic attorney who helped me towards the end of my adjustment of status. We were on a time crunch and she came through miraculously always making me feel that I was taken care of. You couldn't ask for better service.

I did extensive research and talked to many lawyers. This office is hands down the best I found and I don't see anyone regret putting their lives in the hands of such amazing professionals.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Tania Oliva

I had the opportunity to work with Immigration Law Office of LA on securing my work visa. Their staff was dedicated and very responsive in terms of guiding me throughout this complex process. I recommend them highly.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Hilary Ketchum

Scott McVarish cares about his community. He went out of his way to make time in his very busy schedule to help out a local school to get help with visas for our exchange program. He always stayed calm and resolute and when I wanted to give up, he encouraged me to keep trying. We did get the visas and the students will be visiting our community next week! We couldn't have done it without Scott. He really knows his stuff and has a big heart too. I can't recommend him enough. THANK YOU SCOTT!!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Rebecca Aguayo

Scott Mcvarish cares and listens. Come mediation day he new the ins and outs of my case and fought for me. He made me feel heard and seen. He is very thorough, detail oriented and determined. He follows through and produces amazing compensation results, quickly.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
jesus fuentes

Scott McVaraish helped me get my Green card. For such a long time of living in fear and worries. Scott helped me find hope. Through out the whole processes his team was on top of things I was very well prepared for my immigration interview, i believe more than prepared. That gave me a lot of confidence and thank God everything was approved. I am very satisfied with there services and every penny was worth it.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Karla Madera

Mariela was our immigration attorney in Denver. She is an excellent attorney who is trustworthy, professional, honest, and knowledgable. She helped better mine and my family's lives. We are so grateful for having had the experience of an excellent attorney. Will definitely be sending our Cali referrals to her and her team.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Cindy Garcia

I would like to express my full satisfaction for the Immigration Law Office Los Angeles. Particularly, Scott McVarish and Gianina, for their exceptional and professional service and help. They have been instrumental in the success of my green card application. I am now a proud green card holder and I couldn't be happier. I am beyond pleased and feel very fortunate to have found this firm. Scott, and his staff genuinely care about each case. They are honest, highly knowledgeable, and they understand how complex and sensitive these cases can be. They are super diligent and are ready to help. If you are looking for answers and need immigration help, please don't hesitate to reach out. #immigrationangels.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Livia Evans

Scott and his team are incredible and I cannot thank them enough! Before finding Scott, I was working with an other lawyer and have recieved consultations from 3 different lawyers, all of whom told me that my case was very difficult and there was no hope for a legal status. I am so glad I found Scott; my VAWA has just got approved without any problem last month and soon I am getting my green card. Scott is very humanitarian and extremely knowledgable about immigration law, which makes it easy for him to relate to what you are going through and find solutions to help you. Also both Scott and Gianina were very attentive and easy to reach during the process; I always felt like I was being supported and was in good hands. I highly recommend Scott for anyone who needs help with his/her immigration case.
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Martin Brand

Linda and her team helped us get a H2-B visa for our nanny. They did a spectacular job helping us navigate the process. We interviewed a lot of law firms, including some in New York where I work. In the end, we settled on ILOLA, and they (and in particular Linda who is both thoughtful and tireless) made it happen for our little baby Alfie. I highly recommend ILOLA.
Review Left On 02/03/2020

Mariela Sagastume was the attorney assigned to handle my case and for all that she has done and how she has fought for me, I will be forever grateful. I say this because when I first contacted ILOLA (Immigration Law Offices of Los Angeles) in late 2016, I believed myself to be in dire straits and already at the losing end of a battle with USCIS concerning my citizenship status...

I spoke with Mariela many times and she was always responsive and understanding. When there appeared to be moments I've thought we hit a roadblock or a dead-end, she was always reassuring me, explaining that things weren't quite as they appeared and detailing why we had good reason to remain confident in my case. She proved to be immensely knowledgeable in immigration law. I was reminded time and again how flat-out lucky I was to have her on my side fighting for me.

Choosing ILOLA was the best decision I've made in filing my N-600 application for cerfificate of citizenship. My case was approved this past week and I want to again express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this successful outcome; Scott McVarish, Gianina Haro, Linda Lee and of course Mariela Sagastume.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Freedom Pilot

If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer - please, look no further! Ms Linda Lee is truly amazing. Not only she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field - she is super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case as her own. She is always available via email or phone, answers all the questions in details, and during meetings - she is always prepared and will spend extra time with you. She will not just collect your money and forget about your case - she will be in touch, guiding your thru the whole process until full success.I am very glad that I make my choice with Ms Lee as my lawyer and highly recommend to use her services if you need help in your immigration process. I would like to say thanks to all staff and specially Ms Lee's assistant Athina. Very professional service.
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Kelin Dayana Palma

First of all, I have to thank God, Scott and Gianina for all the help they provided to me since I was able to get my Green Card. From the beginning of the case to the end, all the process was good and Gianina was very kind. I highly recommend them for all your immigration needs.
Estoy muy agradecida con esta officina de Immigracion, me ayudaron a obtener mi Residencia, y espero en Unos años Poder Obtener mi ciudadanía
Review Left On 11/02/2019
Griselda Alamillo

I am very grateful for this Law Firm. Attorney Scott, and everyone on his team. They took on my case, & I just became a legal resident. I am looking forward to becoming a naturalized citizen in a couple of years. Estoy agradecida con esta officina de Immigracion, me ayudaron a obtener mi Residencia, y espero en Uno's anos hacerme cuidadana de Los estados unidos.
Review Left On 10/02/2019
Dalel Bacre

In the last three years Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, (especially Gianina and Scott) they have successfully helped me and my family with all our legal processes, the tourist visa for my dad and the most important process for us the green card for my daughter who got her GC two weeks ago.

They care about each of their cases and guide you in an easy way to understand the whole process.
There is no one like them when it comes to immigration cases !!!

Thank You so so much Gianina and Scoot for all your support and help
Review Left On 09/02/2019
Osvaldo Olvera

First of all, I have to thank Scott and Gianina for all the help they provided to me since I was able to get my Green Card. From the beginning of the case to the end, all the process was good and Gianina was very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend them for all your immigration needs.
Review Left On 08/02/2019
Carolina Gurdian

What a great place! They guide you through the process and they make sure you are ready for any problem that could present your way. They are very responsive and they make sure you feel comfortable in asking questions! I would 100% recommend this place!
Review Left On 08/02/2019
Amanda Pallett

I had an consultation with attorney Scott McVarish! Prior to the interview I was very scared about the future of my immigration goal. I had so many questions and felt very uncertain about the process of applying for a green card. It is a situation in which I never expected to find myself so I never had an understanding of the system and/or requirements to achieve a green card previous to my need to apply. I tried doing lots of research online, however, a lot of aspects of the law were unclear to me. After my meeting with Scott it was as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. He answered all of my questions and more. Made the path I need to take clear, made my questions understandable, and for the first time, I have hope. Scott was so knowledgeable, and I felt he had a genuine desire to help my family and I. I would recommend him to everyone seeking an Immigration lawyer! I cannot be more thankful to him for giving my family the best opportunity for the future! Thank you Scott and the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles team!
Review Left On 08/02/2019
Jenny Sihyon

I had a consultation with Scott and it totally worth it. I had consult with at least 10 immigration lawyers about U visa before I found Scott. Some charge lower and some charge higher. However, I still did the answers I want. I got way too many different answers which make me very confused. Almost each attorney gives me a different answer, and it is not from their experience. Most of them are just guessing I can tell. But Scott is definitely an expert in this field and he can cleared all my doubts in one hour. He is also very nice and caring. You won't feel uncomfortable when you have many questions to ask. He doesn't only give you answer like other attorneys, but he explains to you in details and tell you why this is the answer to your question. It makes me feel so much better. I know it is very hard to find an expert in U Visa because it is a visa that a very small group of people apply for, but now I finally find one and I am really happy about it.
Review Left On 08/02/2019
Rudy Zumbi

I recommend ILOLA to anyone seeking assistance in immigration matters because not only is the team at ILOLA supportive, but at the same time very knowledgeable when it comes to immigration laws in America. They've persevered with me and my case through thick and thin. Today all I can say is that I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. Thank you ILOLA for all your hard work :)
Review Left On 07/02/2019
Behn Najafi

ILOLA helped me file I-751 application and worked through case specific issues by providing supplemental letter and materials.

In the process, they were very responsive and did follow ups with the agency to make sure everything is on track. They also have a great system of tracking communications and documents.

I received my GC sooner than I expected and did not have to go to an interview or submit additional evidence. Highly recommend !
Review Left On 07/02/2019
Ooo Aaa

They helped to prepare and win my immigration case professionally. And, they are using the technology very well. Definitely recommended.
Review Left On 06/02/2019
Oscar Rodriguez

I highly recommend The Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, for any immigration issues, I was highly impressed by their professionalism, work ethic, and kindness during the entire process of getting my Green Card back, Lawyer Mariela Sagastume, Lawyer Marrisa Malouff and Gianina Haro had limitless patience in answering all of my questions.

This is the best and most fair legal team in Los Angeles in my experience by-far, many immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles where not truthful and they couldn’t answer my questions when I was in desperate help, I am very thankful for IOLA and their legal team, I just obtained my green card back last week.

My wife was very impressed as well, the entire team is very professional and they can explain to you every detail in the process. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer don't hesitate to contact them they will help you with anything you need.

In general, I suspect online reviews are often skewed by exaggeration of all sorts, both good and bad. In the case of The Immigration Law Offices of Los Angeles however, I can attest without any bias that Scott team and his colleagues provided a truly excellent service, without a single fault. I do not think I would have obtained my GreenCard with another attorney, and I do not think I would have found one as hard-working. I recommend them highly.
Review Left On 05/02/2019
rochelle jordan

I am extremely pleased with the service Scott and his associates provided for my husband and i to pass our immigration interview. I was quite anxiety ridden throughout this process, but Scott and his assistant Gianina were so confident and determined to get our love story across, i was able to keep calm and trust the process. With their amazing guidance and organized communication with Immigration, we passed the interview and i now have my official Green card! 10/10 service
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Patrick Shaw

Scott McVarnish is an OUTSTANDING IMMIGRATION LAWYER! He will work with you, and he will get the job done!
Review Left On 03/02/2018
lucy Contreras

When I first started searching for an immigration lawyer; my plan was to have a couple of consultations before deciding to choose a lawyer to represent me on my case. Scott McVarish was my first consultation, right from the start I felt very comfortable and got a good feeling about him and his assistant Gianina. He gave me hope that my U Visa would be a straight forward case with hopefully no complications. Gianina and Mr McVarish were would always quick to reply to my emails with concerns and questions. I am very grateful that I came across a professional and experienced immigration lawyer that was confident and honest about my case from the beginning. I look forward to work with him on applying for a residence card once it is time to apply for it as for now I am glad that my case turned out well and my visa was approved.


I’m happy to say that I’m finally a legal resident thanks to ILOLA!!..Scott Mc Varish and his paralegal Gianina are excellent at their job. Im very grateful to Gianina who always kept me on touch about the progress of my process which allowed to stress a lot less specially during the current immigration atmosphere, I felt confident that I was in good hands. I highly recommend ILOLA!
Review Left On 03/02/2018
rosa arceo

Scott McVarish and Gianina Haro made possible what other lawyers told my husband was impossible ; which was obtaining his green card without going back to his country for a 10 year time frame. The process was easy since Gianina was very attentive to every question we had. I would highly recommend ILOLA.
Review Left On 03/02/2018
Michelle Fuentes

Scott McVarish took the weights off my shoulders. I highly recommend their service to anyone in need of immigration help. My husband's provisional waiver has been approved. It's a dream come true and I have ILOLA to thank. The process has been smooth sailing and I'm thankful McVarish has someone like Gianina (senior paralegal) to help. Any questions and concerns I may have are answered immediately and detailed. My husband and I had a difficult case and are truly grateful that we will no longer have to worry about being separated for immigration reasons. If your looking for someone to take your case professionally and do things the right way, I assure you that ILOLA is the place to put your faith and trust.
Review Left On 03/02/2018
G. Angel

I can't asked for more and my wife and I are very grateful, my wife will get her green card within the next couple weeks and thanks to ILOLA Scott, Mariela and Gianina. Gianina is awesome and super friendly and supportive. She's always there to help us out with any questions we had and I must had asked her million of questions during the process. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking for immigration matter. THANK YOU ILOLA!
Review Left On 03/02/2018
Karla Delgadillo

After being mislead by one immigration "attorney" and another two attorneys told us that they wouldn't take our case, ILOLA's staff took us by the hand and walked us through it all! We thank thank our Scott, Gianina and their entire crew at Immigration Law Offices of Los Angeles! They worked endlessly and guided us every step of the way. No question went unanswered and the support was incredible! We always got a response within reasonable time frames...always! We couldn't have done it without them. We HIGHLY, highly recommend!!
Review Left On 03/02/2018
zaid shaat

Such a professional team who are willing to guide and help people passionately. I would definitely recommend working with these highly qualified staff
Review Left On 03/02/2018
Gergely Várbíró

I am expressing my gratitude towards Scott and Gianina. The process of final green card has been a smooth ride. Gianina is not only providing an exceptional service but has a personal touch with her clients. I felt supported, encouraged and special by them. Both are great professionals and even more amazing people.
Review Left On 03/02/2018
William Winn

I had what I thought to be an easy case. I received three different quotes. Marila's quote was in the middle of the other others. I saw no need to pay the highest quote and I did not trust the guy who low-balled the quote. I was very happy with the professionalism of Marila & her assistants. They did a great job. Wasn't as easy as I had originally thought but that was because the low-ball guy somewhat mislead me. Thanks Immigration Law Office!
Review Left On 03/02/2018
Maria Isabel Carvajal

I highly recommend attorney Scott McVarish. He listens and gives you direct answers and great advice. Scott and Gianina were so helpful. I went to interview several lawyers before choosing Scott , and I am so happy with my choice. You can tell Scott cares about his clients, and his advice was great ! Thank you Scott and Gianina
Review Left On 03/02/2018
Masami/Mamiko Nagai

We truly appreciate the tremendous efforts and dedication of the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles for getting our family E-2 visas.
We wanted to say thank you especially to Mariela Sagastume who is a wonderful, highly-detailed and caring attorney.
We all knew that getting an E2 visa was a significantly difficult process for us, and it seemed almost impossible to acquire it.The change in the U.S. government leadership also did not help our situation. However, her continuous determined effort and dedication gave us a victory.

When we were at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo for the interview, they mistakenly told us that they did not receive our DS160 forms. Our solution was of course to call Mariela. Even though there was a sixteen-hour time difference, she was very caring and gave us precise directions on what to do without causing any of our family members to panic. If we were not able to reach her, we might have not gotten our visas on that day, and it might have delayed our return to Los Angeles.

We loved everyone on their team. Gianina’s warm and welcoming smile let us to trust this team wholeheartedly from the very beginning. They carry their honor and confidence in their work. We were very lucky to have the privilege of having great support from them.
Thank you so much Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles!!!
Review Left On 03/02/2017
Melissa Guerrero

Thank you Attorney Scott for conducting an immigration workshop at Saint Joseph Center! The Latino community significantly benefited from having you present to address their questions and concerns. We appreciate your honesty and integrity in contributing your time and helping those in need.
Review Left On 03/02/2017
Ivana Teodor

If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer and the whole team look no further. I came to Scott and Gianina with an already complicated and very messed up case. I called at least 10 lawyers before I reached Gianina and she was the only one who told me that my case is not that complicated. I was immediately sold on that, but after the initial consultation I saw how knowledgeable and caring they are. They told me what is possible and what is not right away, and what our plan should be, and everything worked out the way they said it would.
They handled my case with such great professionalism, but also with a lot of care, and that's something no money can buy. I always felt like they were there for me, day or night, through all my drama. Having them on your side is the best decision you can make for yourself and your immigration case.
Review Left On 03/02/2017
Eduardo G

(Translated by Google) English:
Working with ILOLA is easy, and enjoyable. We´ve never worked before with an immigration attorney, and it was a challenging task to find someone you can trust, especially when you are not from the U.S. (we are from Mexico).
Their knowledge of immigration law is incredible, they are always aware of the legal situation in your case (or cases), they are conscious of the possible outcomes, and they certainly can help you design the best plan for your immigration projects and goals.
My family has mainly worked with Scott and Gianina, they are really nice, honest, punctual, and even though you are facing one of the hardest moments of your life, you can count on them to work toward giving you the best possible results and advice in any immigration aspect (Student Visas, Investor Visas, Asylum, and more).
I´m really glad and grateful for being able to work with such amazing persons.

Working with ILOLA is a simple and pleasant experience. We had never had an immigration lawyer and it's challenging to find someone you can trust, especially when you're not from the United States. (we are from Mexico).
Their knowledge in immigration laws is incredible, they are always aware of the legal situation of your case (or cases), they are aware of the possible results, and they can surely help you design the best plan for your immigration projects and goals.
My family has worked mainly with Gianina and Scott, they are really nice, honest and punctual, and although you are in one of the most difficult moments of your life, you can count on them to work to give you the best advice and possible outcomes in any aspect of immigration (student visas, investor visas, asylum and more).
I am really happy and grateful to be able to work with these amazing people.

Working with ILOLA is easy, and enjoyable. We´ve never worked before with an immigration attorney, and it was a challenging task to find someone you can trust, specially when you are not from the U.S. (we are from Mexico).
Their knowledge of immigration law is incredible, they are always aware of the legal situation in your case (or cases), they are conscious of the possible outcomes, and they certainly can help you design the best plan for your immigration projects and goals.
My family has mainly worked with Scott and Gianina, they are really nice, honest, punctual, and even though you are facing one of the hardest moments of your life, you can count on them to work toward giving you the best possible results and advice in any immigration aspect (Student Visas, Investor Visas, Asylum, and more).
I´m really glad and grateful for being able to work with such amazing persons.

Trabajar con ILOLA es una experiencia sencilla y agradable. Nunca habíamos tenido un abogado de inmigración y es retador encontrar alguien en quien puedes confiar, especialmente cuando no eres originario de los Estados Unidos. (somos de Mexico).
Su conocimiento en leyes de inmigración es increíble, siempre están al pendiente de la situación legal de tu caso (o casos), están conscientes de los posibles resultados, y seguramente pueden ayudarte a diseñar el mejor plan para tus proyectos y metas de inmigración.
Mi familia ha trabajado principalmente con Gianina y Scott, ellos son realmente agradables, honestos y puntuales, y a pesar de que te encuentres en uno de los momentos más difíciles de tu vida, puedes contar con que ellos van a trabajar por darte los mejores consejos y resultados posibles en cualquier aspecto de inmigración (Visas de estudiante, visas de inversionistas, asilo y más).
Realmente estoy feliz y agradecido por poder trabajar con estas increíbles personas.
Review Left On 03/02/2017
Denisse C

(Translated by Google) I recommend it to lawyer Scott because he takes his cases very seriously and responsibly.

Yo lo recomiendo al abogado Scott por qué toma sus casos muy en serio y responsablemente.
Review Left On 03/02/2017
damir junicic

If you are looking for someone who will handle your case professionally and with care, look no further. Scott, Gianina, and Diana did awesome job on our adjustment of status application, just wish I can give them more than 5 stars. Thank you for all of your assistance and God bless.
Review Left On 03/02/2016
Patricia Orbe

(Translated by Google) Excellent



Review Left On 03/02/2016
Dan Coles

Scott and his staff was very helpful during the entire immigration process. The immigration process can be very stressful and complicated, but he put our mind at ease and gave us the confidence we needed before and after filing for the adjustment of status. I would recommend Scott to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer.
Review Left On 03/02/2016
Mireia Taribo

My wife and I contacted ILOLA to help us go through all the paperwork to get my K1 visa and my green card. They were really helpful and always answered all our questions really fast. We couldn't be happier :-)
Review Left On 03/02/2016
Henning Reimer

Scott and Gianina were supportive, attentive and always on top of every minor change during my process of naturailzation.

Everything from or first contact all the way to the final positive result went very smoothly and Scott put me at ease several times, when things were going a bit rough.

I could not have been in better hands and can only recommend their excellent service to everyone, especially for more complicated matters, which require the highest knowldege and expertise.

Thank you again for all you did for me. Without your help I am not certain I would be a US citizen now.
Review Left On 03/02/2015
Lorinda Strang

I was in Canada looking for an Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles for a family member when I called Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles and set up a conference call with Mr. Scott McVarish. I felt confident and supported in helping my family member right from the first call. Along the way both Scott McVarish and his legal assistant Gianina Haro provided us with prompt, professional and caring advice over the course of several months. I felt confident in every aspect of the process and knew that my family member was in good hands. The application process went smoothly and was approved. My family member is now happily married, the permanent residency card arrived in the mail last week and we are all grateful for the guidance and support provided by Scott McVarish and the staff at ILOLA.
Review Left On 03/02/2015
Sergio Marcos

I am excited to recommend Belma Demirovic Chinchoy and all the wonderful staff of ILOLA. She and all have been very efficient but friendly. Profesional yet sensitive and kind through my whole immigration process. Its long and complicated, but she mad everything very clear from the start, and we worked on every step together.

Belma has been paramount in this process, working with honesty, guidance and comited to this process. And so, today I may say; THANK YOU BELMA AND ILOLA, today im working hard and building a dream in the United States of America. thanks in part to you all at ILOLA.

Sergio Marcos
CEO - Calanda Films
Review Left On 03/02/2014

Scott is an excellent lawyer and my family and I recommend him to anyone who may be struggling to sort out their legal status in the USA. My mom dealt with multiple fraudulent and ineffective lawyers but was referred to Scott through her church. She hesitated at first because his price was a lot higher but after meeting and seeing his sincerity, she moved forward. It's the best choice she ever made. She's on her way to Guatemala to visit her kids for the first time in 22 years TONIGHT!
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Mayuri Kerr

I would give then 10 stars if I could! Scott is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to work with. We met him to do my green card through marriage application. Although our case was relatively simple, Scott and his assistant Gianina gave us their full attention, were always very prompt in returning phone calls and replying to emails and always made us feel confident and comfortable. If you are the anxious kinds (and green card interviews would make anyone the anxious kind) I would highly recommend taking Scott with you to the interview. He inspires confidence and makes the interview a breeze.
Because Scott and his team had put our paperwork together perfectly, our application was processed very very quickly and I had my green card in unexpectedly quick time.
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Karhen Gutiérrez

Mr. McVarish and his team were really helpful when I started my paperwork. I was referred to them by my father. mr. McVarish had also worked on some of my family members cases and had great results. That is why I had no doubt about them. They made my process a really quick one. I highly recommend Mr. McVarish and his team, they are fast, honest, and accurate.
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Nancy Meza

Scott is an amazing ,trust worthy and responsible attorney committed to immigrant rights. Through his office I was able to apply and be approved for my deferred action. As an organizer for immigrant rights it is refreshing to come across an attorney who is trustworthy and respectful.His office is also extremely welcoming and his staff is fast in responding to posed questions and concerns. When I am asked by friends and family for referrals on a good immigration attorney I refer them to Scott because I know his commitment and dedication to immigrant rights.
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Samuel Vargas

Scott McVarish and his team are the best, I'm very thankful to god, for having a great attorney on my side to helping me going to thru my process with immigration, if i had a question Scott McVarish and Gianina were there to help me out, they always keep me updated on anything new or if somethimg come up on my case, they are very optimistic and very honest with me, i can siad that he put his 100% on the cases the he works on, I think my case it was very difficult, I check on other attorneys and they were not giving me any hope, when i talk to Scott McVarish and Gianina they make me feel there it was hope, plus I got a feeling of trust on them, now thanks to them my case come up good, I got my work permit and im not getting deported thanks to Scott McVarish and staff,
Thank you Scott McVarish and Gianina god bless you.
Samuel Vargas
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Octavio Bolanos

Scott McVarish and the Immigration Law Offices of Los Angeles were extremely helpful in getting my now wife her Fiancé visa. Scott met with us and asked us a few questions to fully understand our situation, he was great listener and he truly sounded like he was there to help us out. The USCIS asks for a lot of requirements and don’t explain the process in great detail, it was really nice knowing that Scott was there to make the process a lot easier. His staff was extremely professional and answered all of our concerns quickly. I would recommend the Immigration Law Offices of Los Angeles to anyone who’s trying to get through the immigration process with ease.
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Jason Hunt

Lawyer Scott got me a U Visa. I was hurt by someone and another lawyer took my money but nothing happened. I waited for a long time. Scott worked with a sheriff and the hospital and gathered records. He applied, told me not to worry. Four months later I had my work permit and the U visa. My life changed, finally good.
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Carla Ramírez Montes de Oca

I am impressed and really happy with the attention and marvelous job Scott McVarish and his team have done in my case. It was so easy and quick!!!

From the day my papers were filed to the day I got my green card were only 4 months. During all the process, they were in touch with me and explained everything with detail. He sees clients, like if they were family or friends. Very supportive and understanding.

This is one of the best investments I have ever done in my life, hands down. My money and status were in his hands and he made it work!!! Totally trustworthy.

Thank you Scoot and Immigration Law Office.
-Carla Ramírez.
Review Left On 03/02/2014
Daniela Santistevan

I highly, highly recommend Scott as an immigration lawyer. I found through my experience that he is definitely someone you can trust.

He is the type of lawyer that has your best interest at heart. Scott helped me with my work visa. Throughout the process he was very thorough; he would call and/or email requesting whatever additional information was needed. It felt like his office didn't mind putting the extra effort because they truly wanted to help me.. Thankfully his (and Gianina's) work paid off and my work visa was approved. (Yei!)

I can't emphasize enough that Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles has a friendly staff, you can tell that you are dealing with good people who are really on your side. When I say this I refer to both Scott and Gianina. They are both positive people who made me feel like my case was their priority. Furthermore, I got the impression that they are truly trying to change the immigrant experience in this country for the best.

Finally, my previous experience with an immigration lawyer had been that they gave me an initial quote of how much her services were going to cost and then when the whole process ended, she charged me triple of what she had said. Scott is NOT like that. He gave an initial fixed rate from the start and that is exactly what he charged at the end. I am thankful for his honesty and integrity.

I truly don't have anything negative to say about Scott. I am thankful for his services and I hope he continues to help many immigrants like he helped me.
Review Left On 03/02/2013
Kirsten Oh

Scott came to a class I was leading on "The Immigration and the Bible" and shared an hour of compelling narratives of immigrants' lives that were changed through his practice. A compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer is pertinent to an undocumented person's outcome. Scott is that lawyer. He really knows the law and has the experience added to his passion and commitment to help his clients.
Review Left On 03/02/2013
kathy torres

When more than six lawyers told me that I cannot get my residency here because I needed to back to my country and wait there for ten years, he gave me a solution to my case. I just got my green card couple weeks ago. It was the first case that USCIs in San Bernardino approved. He made possible what for others was impossible. He is the best lawyer!!!!! I am very thankful to God and to my lawyer Scott because I am free. I can start a new life of freedom in this wonderful country.

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