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PLLC, Ogilvie Law Office
PLLC, Ogilvie Law Office Reviews

Review: Ted took my divorce modification case after being turned away from a major law office in the area. That attorney had me convinced I had no grounds for modification.

With Ted, I received an extremely fair buy out of the shared home that I was ordered to pay on for the next 3 years. He also saved me nearly $30,000 in future child support payments on top of the buy out.

I am grateful to have found him! I would definitely recommend Ted to anyone looking for the best lawyer in Collin, D... Read More

Law Office of Michella K. Melton
Law Office of Michella K. Melton Reviews

Review: Ms. Melton does not understand child support laws and consequences. one would think that if she was a decent attorney she would understand that when someone is greater than 4 months in arrears, there would be consequences. Read More

PLLC, Albano Law
PLLC, Albano Law Reviews

Review: This attorney is unbelievably incompetent. She overbills. Does not communicate. Most importantly, she has NO IDEA how to communicate with the judge on court. Her resume is amazing and her knowledge of the law is impressive but when it comes to legal issues we all know what matters is what happens in the courtroom. She is so intimidated and meek it’s like she’s never been on court before. She couldn’t even answer simple questions from the judge without bumbling over her words. There was a particu... Read More

Holly E. Fuller
Holly E. Fuller Reviews

Review: Holly was quick to respond to my question in a very concerned and caring manner. Under strained circumstances it is comforting to know that she is first concerned and looking out for client as a person. Read More

Hughey and Hughey Law Firm
Hughey and Hughey Law Firm Reviews

Review: The Hugheys have helped us on more than one occasion, from wills to trusts, as well as for estate planning. Good honest business practices are always appreciated! Read More

Routt Christopher
Routt Christopher Reviews

Review: Christopher Route is 100% professional and makes a rough time seem easy. Read More

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