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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Colman Seoighe

This attorney is unbelievably incompetent. She overbills. Does not communicate. Most importantly, she has NO IDEA how to communicate with the judge on court. Her resume is amazing and her knowledge of the law is impressive but when it comes to legal issues we all know what matters is what happens in the courtroom. She is so intimidated and meek it’s like she’s never been on court before. She couldn’t even answer simple questions from the judge without bumbling over her words. There was a particular issue that was part of our entire case that I told her I didn’t want to spend money on but I wanted it asked in court. She billed me $6000 for that one issue. I’m still waiting 2 years later for the accounting from her office on how $6000 was spent on this one question - ironically, the judge ordered my ex pay the portion spent on this issue and IN COURT she told the judge $1500 but then billed me somehow an additional $4500 and because of the way she handles her billing she takes your money first so you have no opportunity to ask questions. I have been to court several times because of my ex since our divorce and thought I’d hire a “big gun” because she charges $350 per hour and her resume looks so good. The old adage in this case was not true - you definitely do NOT get what you pay for with her. She was late to court by OVER AN HOUR on one occasion - I don’t even have the time to explain the issues that caused. And on another date where she told me she would meet me in the courtroom I couldn’t find her as our time is approaching and I was calling and texting her frantically and she finally responded that she was in the hallway with her PRO BONO case and when I went out there she was socializing with him - and yes, I was billed for that time because she was at the court at that hour because of my case. Do yourself a favor.....find ANYONE else.

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