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Attorney in McKinney, TX
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Review Left On 11/29/2019
Jeff Schuler

Mr. Ruggiero was recommended by another attorney due to some unfortunate circumstances that I was facing with my case. After meeting with Scott I new that I was at the right place. I thank you my friend for all of your hard work and bringing me piece. God Bless
Review Left On 08/29/2019
Tom Daley

Great guy and a smart, energetic attorney.
Review Left On 07/29/2019
Tyler Anderson

Scott has helped me numerous times in different matters, even with setting up my companies LLC registration properly. I would recommend as an attorney to anyone. Always on time & get's the job done, which is the most important aspect to me.

Thanks Sir.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Luis Sanchez

I would highly recommend this attorneyt o anyone. Mr Ruggiero was very prompt in returning calls and answering emails. Very hard and fair attorney that for once only has his clients best Interest in mind and not like other attorneys where all they think of is how much they can get from you in form of a payment. He listened and gave me very good advice and was extremely fair and polite. I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND ! You will see he is far different than any attorney out there, he cares for his clients which is an extreme rarity when it comes to attorneys now a days.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Johnny C

Scott assisted me with a wrongful eviction suite that was filed against me but was later discovered to be another person of the same name as me. Scott was prompt in returning my phone calls and got my issues resolved rather swiftly. I'll be keeping his info should a situation arise regarding his legal expertise. Thanks again Scott.
Review Left On 03/01/2017
reza kh

I've spend months looking for a suitable lawyer to help me with my case and I failed miserably each time until my wife and me found Mr. Ruggiero. Originally, with the other lawyers I have spoken to, informed me that they would not be able to help but he was able to solve our case in matters of weeks. He was quite passionate about his work and truly cared about our case. He was completely amazing and I would recommend him to everybody.

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