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Woods & Matlock P.C.
Woods & Matlock P.C. Reviews

Review: Kay Woods will take care of any situation. Fair and reputable. Read More

P.C., Law Office of Kathy Jane Erickson
P.C., Law Office of Kathy Jane Erickson Reviews

Review: Kathy is amazing to say the least. I wasn’t her client and she took several minutes out her time to help me and wrote down some pertinent information. She also called to make sure she was giving me the correct information. I can’t thank her enough for what she did today. She also gave me a huge peace of mind and calmed me down. We need more people like her. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone. Thank you so much Kathy! Read More

PLLC, Law Office of Leah W. Coulter
PLLC, Law Office of Leah W. Coulter Reviews

Review: 5 stars? I wish I could give 6! Leah was very sweet and showed dedication from the moment we had our consultation till the end. It was probably the fastest & most smooth custody. Thanks Leah, for everything! Read More

P.C., Palmer Law Group
P.C., Palmer Law Group Reviews

Review: Dana and his team were very accommodating to my situation. I live out of state and my ex lives in Texas we tried to do our divorce cheap and on our own. Needless to say I had to hire a lawyer quick and Dana and his team came to the rescue. They were punctual at answering emails and scheduling phone calls to deal with all the issues that arose. Dana is great at keeping the situation calm and helping to come to an agreement that is reasonable. DONT do what I did and try to do it on your own it wi... Read More

Charles C. Philips
Charles C. Philips Reviews


Nix Poet
Nix Poet Reviews

Review: Excellent attorneys in Collin County. If you need help with a criminal or family law case, these are your guys. They are DWI, child custody, and divorce experts. Read More

P.C., Law Office of Michael G Diaz
P.C., Law Office of Michael G Diaz Reviews

Review: This man was unbelievable in how he handle our case. He did not want to help us, he just wanted to please the woman in charge of the title company. I would not ever use him. We left him and went to another company due to how we were treated. I read the letter he wrote in regards to our case and he told he had done all this work, which he NEVER DID! I did it. I was the one that went to the court house, made phone calls, did all the paper work and running. So THINK TWICE before you use his service... Read More

Burgfechtel Law Offices PLLC
Burgfechtel Law Offices PLLC Reviews

Review: Very detailed and knowledgeable. Getting my prenup document completed and will be using him again for our Wills! Read More

Rod, Giddens
Rod, Giddens Reviews

Review: Fair and honest, not the usual attorney Read More

Cox Sandoval Law PLLC
Cox Sandoval Law PLLC Reviews

Review: If you have deep pockets and lots of money she can help you out if not beware too expensive for her services had to find a reliable , economical attorney with more experience than her, at a fraction of the cost, spent close to $4500 for about a month and a half worth of services on my divorce, I also had to provide all the docs for her , is my fault should have done my homework and asked what the real cost was going to be Read More

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