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Review Left On 03/02/2020
Mike Benitez

When all hope is lost. Call this man! Went to court this Monday for my fourth probation violation and bench warrant for not doing 45 days of cal trans in north court. It was a 2 year old bench warrant. ALL of the lawyers I had called told me they could do nothing for me, or were charging a ridiculous amount. Oren came up with a game plan and executed it exactly the way he said he would. He told me all I had to do was spend one night and he would get me out. Im here writing this review when I thought I'd be in jail. He was able to get me into a separate program that wasn't cal trans that lets me come home to my family every night. Cant be anymore thankful for everything this man's done. I'll recommend his services to anyone whos ever in need of a defense attorney!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Bailey Lowe

Oren was great! He got rid of half of the fines, and 6 months off my suspended license. Also, they are all really cool people who are easy to talk to, and will answer any questions you have.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Sammy Garjune

Oren Mark Atias is the best of the best. He will get you out of a DUI case!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
James Baldwin

Mr Atias somehow relaxed all my panic and stress related to my dui. He was honest and direct and also managed to expedite my expungement at no additional charge. If you want results with someone you can trust, call him! Mr Atias went above and beyond for me with this case and I couldn’t have asked for better results!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
bryan Dominguez

Oren has been a life save when it comes to dealing with my cases. I went to other lawyers who had pretty much just given up on my case even when it’s a first time offense! But Oren didn’t and even went out of his way to get me a temp license and deal with the dmv. He’s taken care of everything and even showed up to court while I was at work. Very affordable and relatable lawyer who will try and help you get the best outcome possible from the court. I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Jimmy Conseritii

After calling around and spoke to one lawyer but didnt feel confident. After speaking with Oren I knew he was the right choice, He explained everything and made sure I was clear on everything and kept me informed with changes as they came.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Paz Vargas

I was charged with a bank check fraud schemereally sounds bad. I never expected to be charged with a crime simply by depositing a check that someone gave me to pay for speakers. Little did I know I was the victim of a scam. Fortunately Oren Atias & Chris Tucker saved the day. My case was totally dismissed. Took 4 months only.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Ruben Kirstein

I got arrested and charged with DUI. I didn’t know what to do so after researching for a good lawyer and asking around I ended up calling Oren Mark Atias and The Atias Law Firm. They made me feel better about my situation right from the start.
The work and attention he put into my case really let me know he cared and that he was going to do everything he could for me. Even when I was freaking out and calling him in the middle of the night he was always there to talk me through my worries and concerns. My biggest fear was going to jail, but Oren was able to keep me out of jail completely and help me get past this traumatic event in my life. He really gave a lot of his attention to my case and thanks to all of his hard work and attention to the details he found discrepancies in the breathalyzer machine results and he got my charges dropped to a wet and reckless and he helped me keep the DUI off my record. If anyone is going through this they absolutely need to call Oren Mark Atias and the Atias Law Firm.
These guys also had excellent customer service throughout the whole process as well, He even gave me back some of the retainer I paid him that he didn't use. This is definitely the best DUI lawyer in SO CAL.
- Ruben K - Anaheim, CA
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Johnny Reb

I got B2B DUIs. This by far and away the best call I could have ever made. Here are the ways that I got help, no jail, no driver's license loss, no fines.. No BS! These are the guys to call if you need help.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Gerard Eaton

Referred to Oren by a friend. My case was handled with the utmost care. I am truly grateful for a great result.Dont be surprised if his firm works miracles.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Miles Holland

Oren and his firm were a great help. They managed to get my case dismissed even when there was more evidence against me then I was aware of. I would recommend Oren and his team to anyone looking for help.
Review Left On 02/17/2020
Steven Staley

Very professional. Trustworthy & Honest. Handled my case promptly and efficiently. The Attorneys here are genuinely caring about their clients and went out of their way to make me feel confident that the outcome would be as promised. 5 Stars.
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Rudy Kirkland

In September, I was stopped at a "DUI checkpoint in Santa Ana"³3 near the City of Orange and wound up blowing a .09 they took. This was my second time in less than 10 years. My Lawyer, Oren Atias, managed to get rid of over $2500 in fines and fees, keep my out of jail completely (except for my prebooking 6 hrs one night only) and helped me get my drivers license after only a few days suspension. If you're reading this far into my review, do yourself a huge favor, call this firm for help.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Chaitanya Mody

Oren is an amazing lawyer and an extremely helpful person. He helped me with my legal case by getting it handled right away with a minimal penalty. He took care of all my needs and modified the Attorney Client Retainer Agreement to help me financially in the best way possible.
Oren also explained the whole process of my case to me including - what forms I needed to sign - when I would have to be available for Court - what I would have to do in court - everything, and also answered any and all questions I had.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who's looking for exceptionally great service and is looking for a person who has an understanding of how the legal system works and what your concerns are.

Oren really knows what he's doing and is truly the best lawyer out there.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
cameron Murk

I got through to them late at night right after I got out if jail. Oren and we made me feel it is. In the end I got my DUI dismissed and i was convicted of a Wet Reckless even though I had .11 BAC
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Wesley Gillean

Extremely unprofessional and unethical. Avoid at all Costs! He will lie to you, take your money and become extremely challenging to deal with after he is paid in full. He will tell you what you want to hear and avoid sharing anything that is unpleasant to discuss with you.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Chris K

Oren is an incredible lawyer, Very committed, and dedicated to his work as well as fighting for whats right. If anyone is looking for a dui defense attorney, Oren and the rest of his team are the best in the west!
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Dustin Musick

Oren saved my good friend from some potentially harmful charges that I thought would have sent her to prison for a long time. Thanks Oren.
Review Left On 11/02/2019
Van Shul

My son was arrested for a second DUI. We were desperate to find an attorney that would accept a payment plan. I called and spoke with Oren who was of great assistance throughout the entire case. He knew all about the Court system and made the process very easy and straightforward. No Jail time at All!! Also, we paid $160/month with no money down to start. Excellent Firm. Excellent Attorney Five Stars.
Review Left On 11/02/2019
Christine Warner

Mr. Atias is an excellent attorney who has helped me with my legal cases for many years. He is a passionate fighter who has helped keep me out of jail more than once. I have referred him to friends and colleagues and their times of need. On the last case I was able to put no money down and only pay $150 a month which is amazing and not something most attorneys can do. I'm pretty sure it's because he has a very good track record and is a very honest person who would never steal a dime from his clients.

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