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James P Whalen P.C.

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Review Left On 07/01/2019
Travis Smith

This is one of the best lawyers in the world. He went beyond the call of duty. I would recommend he's service to everyone
Review Left On 06/01/2019
Carl David Ceder

My name is Carl Ceder, and I am a Board Certified Criminal Law Attorney who practices in DFW. I am writing this freely and only so potential clients interesting in hiring him can know how valuable and how good of an attorney he is. This is my 12th year of practice, and I have only been a criminal defense lawyer. James Whalen is who I call frequently when I need advice on matters relating to criminal law - ESPECIALLY on anything in federal court. He is an absolute whiz, and knows the Federal Sentencing Guidelines like the back of his hand. Honestly and this is the truth - this is coming from an attorney who loves the practice of criminal defense, I have wanted to do this literally since I was about 10 years old (when I observed a family friend of ours represent another family member of mine - I knew then quite literally this is what I wanted to do and haven't really ever pursued any other avenue as a career. I only say this because I do have a passion for this type of work - which I believe any criminal defense lawyer worth their anything should least partially have this mentality. I feel I have also, without trying to sound arrogant, have experienced my success in the same arena in many ways.

I can honestly say that most of this has been done by passion I have for this type of work, despite the stress it entails (no matter how much you enjoy it), I am Board Certified, I have taken the coursework and passed the required examination to be designated a "Forensic-Lawyer" Scientist", I have conducted jury trials in over 12 counties in Texas, practiced In State and Federal Court, I serve on many local committees in the local bar associations where I practice, am a founding members of the National Organizations ("DUIDLA"), and do all I can to try and be the best lawyer I can. All this being said - especially if charged in Federal Court for any type of federal crime - calling James Whalen maybe the only call I would make, and the only person I would consider hiring. That is the utmost truth. I respect many attorneys in DFW, and I never speak bad about others I may personally not have a high opinion on. If I thought differently, I would not feel the need to write this review on his behalf. I stand to gain nothing financially, but want whoever reading this - especially if a potential client, if you are considering him as your lawyer to contest a criminal charge, you are dealing with a true professional. I would not ask for and seek his advice as often as I do otherwise. There are other resources I could try to use. Honestly, now I am scared to - in part because often I only want his opinion and do not want to also get contradictory advice from other attorneys to not confuse myself in taking his advice because up until now - it has been spot on.

Recently, I had a pretty significant win in Federal Court. This was in front of a very hard and strict Judge, many of which have said is the hardest to practice in front of in any court in DFW - state or federal. I asked at least 5 attorneys whether I should spend my time doing something specific for his case, not wanting to do so if it may hurt him. I won't go into the facts, but at least 5 other attorneys that are highly respected told me what I was thinking about doing was a complete waste of time. Mr. Whalen is the only one that advised me to take the time to do it. He was the only one who offered basically different advice, and because I followed it, my client benefited really from his original advice to spend my time on this specific area of his case - so much so that it resulted in him likely doing 168 months in federal court, to likely having to approximately do around 30 months or so. I am of the opinion he is a savant in all federal criminal law matters, and it's only because I believe the adage "there is a wisdom in a multitude of counselors" - but if I only had to choose one, there is no doubt who it would be. And he is the person you are currently reading about if you have read this far.
Review Left On 05/01/2019
Lance Kinder

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ... Hired them for a developing case and rarely dealt with the actual attorneys. Instead they passed me off to their assistant Diana Wilson who’s pushy and is almost always in a sour mood and demanding more money/payments to be made. Made me very uncomfortable to deal with. You should NEVER have to feel like your attorney (legal) team is against you, which is how I felt constantly. If you aren’t able meet when they request for an “office visit” after a few times they will rule you non compliant and drop you. A lot of the office visits were in the middle of the day in work days. I almost never got a phone call back when they said they would and always had to call them the next day. They treat their high paying customers with more attention and leave the low paying ones to deal with Diana (who knows jack squat about negotiating). In the end I’m out almost 2 grand and all they accomplished was a few volleying phone calls to the opposing attorney and basically being the middle man for relaying the other legal teams requests. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
Review Left On 03/01/2014
Heidi Medcalf

I highly recommend the Whalen Law Office! James is a pleasure to work with

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