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Review Left On 03/02/2020

THE WORST attorney I ever experienced!!! RUN!!! He was hired to do a simple child custody case & took a high retainer fee ($3,500) and did NOTHING! My son & I did ALL the work! Lon actually made EVERY SINGLE SITUATION WORSE!!!! All talk and no action. Drug out the case over a year because of errors HE MADE. (((Sometimes not showing up for court time, not filing important papers that are commonly needed to proceed, not following up on things, won't return most calls or texts for days and weeks, disconnected, did not care))). We FIRED him because of his LACK of ethical dealing. Sometimes he outright LIED TO US. He kept a flash drive of evidence & would not return it. WE HAVE PROOF. Would not give all our money back. Still has $1,500 for doing NOTHING!!!
After firing him, we still had a final court date preset & were going to fight on our own. After all WE did all the work. Unbeknownst by us... our court date got rescheduled by Lon (or judge) & he did not have the DECENCY to notify us. So, when we showed up for our court date we found out the hard way no one was there!!! Who does that??? Lon appeared before the judge secretly and CLOSED OUR CASE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION TO GET GET EVEN FOR FIRING HIM!!! The judge might not of realized this. What Lon did to us, other people agreed was a stab in the back. HE IS A DIRTY LAWYER. GOD as our witness.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
jess hulsey

I have called this attorney numerous times about my son, this firm's client, and not once have they returned my call! I've left message after message and never have gotten a return call!
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Paige Weaver

Mr. Garner is an amazing attorney that truly cares about his clients! He is an excellent attorney!
Review Left On 08/02/2019
Wendell Smith

Hard worker and nice person to have on your side
Review Left On 03/02/2018
LeVida So'ares-Hooker

Great law firm!
Review Left On 03/02/2018
Jarius Roberts

Great lawyer Mr. Garner take his time to win cases
Review Left On 03/02/2016

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